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Busy Busy Busy! Awesome!

Posted by Stephanie Fillyaw on July 15, 2010 at 10:08 AM

Well all, it's been a good little minute since I've been able to blog here, but I HAVE kept my word to keep you updated on what I'm doing. As you may know, I'm also balancing Summer sessions with work and play, so finding the time to do what I want is a constant work in progress. :)

I've been terribly busy since my last entry doing what I do best: music. Last Saturday I was blessed to be a apart of a surprise 50th Anniversary reception down in "lil' ole" Hampton, SC. It was beautiful and Jamal Hasan (Saxophonest and keys) I really put on a good show in a down-home-southern kind of way.

Other than that, I also had the opportunity to participate in the hosting of the Cuban Caravan at Benedict College's International office. Tim Gannon, Jamal Hassan, Amara Camara, Sarah Williams, Jerry on piano and myself provided some great music for a great organization. The Cuban Caravan operates under that auspice of Pastors For Peace (the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization) , a faith based organization that advocates for truth and justice around the world.  We did everything from Jazz classics such as "Summertime", to spoke word and the old stand bys such as "Lean On Me" and "Mercy Me". It was truly a rewarding fellowship.

The aforementioned was earlier in the week. Now on Thursday I made my way to Charlotte, NC to visit my alma mater, Queens University of Charlotte. I did certainly have a wonderful time passing through the city and was back in Columbia by 7:30PM. I'm always on the go! 

In closing of the week (Friday), I was invited to sit in on a Jazz and Music theory lesson given by Bob Williams, bebop enthusiast and trumpeter. This man is the truth! I learned so much and my mind was literally spinning at the amount of new information I was provided. Music theory is a deep concept that I hope to continue uncovering should my lifetime permit! 

After the lesson, I visited a community garden flourishing by the labor of volunteers in the Rosewood community. It was truly beautiful to see what immense greatness a community can create when it works together! Following the tour of the garden, I some how ended up playing piano and singing  at a local's home. It was wonderful to sing amidst the backdrop of a country home in the surrounding area. We had a grand time jamming out while chickens clucked in the yard and ripened figs fell to the ground below. I cherish the spontaneity of the summer...It truley reminds me of the freedom of my childhood in the rural areas of North Carolina.

We ended the day by making our way down by the Riverwalk and joining a drum circle. Now mind you, my day began quite early and by this time it was 7PM~! I spent the day surrounded by wonderful sounds and wonderful people...I wouldn't spend it any other way.

**I will now spend the rest of the weekend studying for my exam on Monday. Excuse me! :)

Have a great weekend, and please remember that God provides us with 24 hrs in a day, 8 of which (in a perfect world) designated for sleep, the rest of which are dived up to accommodate the demands of life, how you chose to spend those hours is up to you. Chose to take care of your responsibilities, but also chose to live, for life is short and can be over in the blink of an eye. ^0^

Peace and blessings,

Stephanie "MusiqTruth Fillyaw"

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