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Time Flies...when you're busy being positive :)

Posted by Stephanie Fillyaw on September 20, 2010 at 1:01 PM

Greetings my fellow friends and followers!

It has been at least a month since I've blogged (shame on me, I know),but believe me, I've been busy with worthwhile endeavors. The school year hasbegun again and soon I'll be preparing for my Oral Assessment; it's pretty muchthe only things that stands between me and my MA That's great news! I will begraduating in the spring, amidst a fiery backdrop of South Carolina heat.Honestly, you've felt nothing like this and once you do, you'll understand whyColumbia is sometimes called, endearingly of course, "The Armpit of theSouth". haha

As far as music is concerned, I have been terribly productive. Themonth of August itself was a watershed for songwriting and producing. Justbefore school started I spent an entire weekend writing songs and Turing outmusical accompaniments. This usually could take days to do, sometimes evenmonths (I still have beats that I started and never finished), but for whateverreason I was able to write about 4 songs and do all the music in a matter of days.Props to me!

On another note, just at the beginning of August into September, I wasblessed to stumble upon an amazing documentary about Hurricane Katrina entitled"Trouble the Water". Of course I had seen several documentariesproviding an account of the horrendous and horrible events of HurricaneKatrina, but what made this one special was that it was a moment by momentaccount from the view of a victim. It was like nothing I had ever soon. Thestory of Kim and her family is just amazing and through it all they managed tokeep a smile on their face and make friends along the way. 

In short, I was so touched by the documentary that I purchased the album of the young lady, the protagonist of the documentary (if that's the correct use of the word in associatation with a documentary lol), as she is a local artist in New Orleans. I will soon be purchasing the DVD for my upcoming birthday! If you'd like to purchase the DVD or see clips of the documentary, visit: http://www.troub


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