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Rules for Flight Mode--My Random Thoughts On Purpose

Posted by Stephanie Fillyaw on December 13, 2010 at 2:40 PM

Rule #1: Everyone can't make the journey with you.

I suppose they lingered for a season, to provide an "exit", or even a rest stop somewhere on your tour of life's corridors. You may have taken off with a flock of favored friends and acquaintances, but your purpose is greater. And for you this journey is not an option, nor is it leisure; it is a destiny.

Rule #2: You cant expect someone on the ground to have the same perspective as a dreamer in flight.

When you're in flight you're progressing toward purpose.They will not be able to see what you see, because their mindset is limited by what is in front of them, an obstruction...a block, a river, a valley.

Rule #3: Be mindful of this vision deficiency, as you have the vision of an eagle.

You can see above and beyond the expectations and limitations of others, have a finely tuned navigation system, a first class view, and are equipped with in-flight insight to wherever your motivation and ambition will lead you.

Rule #4: Guard your nest.

Know your purpose even when those among you do not comprehend it. Although you will surly experience turbulence, delays, even rerouting- know exactly what you want and do NOT stop until you have reached your destination. Temporary deviation from the flight path will only prolong the journey, but will not CANCEL the flight...unless you fail to adhere to tenet #5. Proceed.

Rule #5: Keep a steady head, aim straight, and DO NOT look back.

The aforementioned is the last and final rule for flight mode etiquette. Along your journey you may witness chaos below you as others fall from flight. You may even be in the position to help the injured ALONG the way, and you shall gladly,  but whatever you do, do not turn around or lose sight of the end point. For even the smallest amount of time spent on the ground may be enough to change your mindset and deter you from your purpose. You are switching atmospheres at this point, and soon enough your body will adapt to its negative and perception-deficient surroundings. Stay focused, and do not tarry long...

I'm on cruise control my loves• THE END

By Stephanie M. Fillyaw

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