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In the Pursuit of JOY: Exploring Happiness, Joy, and Purpose

Posted by Stephanie Fillyaw on August 11, 2011 at 10:55 PM

Lately, I've tried to find motivation and inspiration in the things that give me true joy. I've heard many "old timers" say that there is a true difference between "happiness" and "joy" is sustainable and the other is just temporary. With that said, I'm finding that those things that bring my happiness, or empty satisfaction are unable to truly make me motivated or inspired. So allow me to elaborate on the aspects of my life that truly bring my joy...the fuel to reaching purpose.  

Let me first say this: while happiness is nice, it's temporary and is unfulfilling on my journey. Imagine yourself traveling along interstate 40 and stopping to grab a thirst quenching beverage. That beverage tastes great and makes you feel warm and fuzzy...but your true energy would be best served re-fueling your vehicle...a more sustaining investment since your purpose is to get from point A to point B. That's how I see happiness and joy in my life. The things that bring me happiness are great, but it's the JOY that will help me reach "point B"'s JOY that sustains me and fuels me to accomplish my dreams and progress toward my purpose. Achieving joy is what I should put my energy into because it serves as nourishment AND brings me closer to my destiny...happiness is just a pit stop along the way, a good feeling, even perhaps a distraction.

With the rambling out the way, I find that my PASSIONS bring me joy and pursuing them is my greatest joy. Music, art, conversation or oration...these are things that were poured into me at birth, and every time I exhibit them, utilize them, or develop them, I am moving ever so much closer to the destiny that was poured upon my head at conception.

My most joyful moments are accompanied by bursts of productivity and creativity. It is in moments of JOY that I am in my niche, my stride...exhibiting my true self, uninhibited, essence.

So with that said, I hope to discover a life filled with passions that serve as a catalyst to reaching my PURPOSE. My desire is to be a productive world citizen who is able to find true joy in sharing her gifts, talents, and passions with the world. When i reach that point...the point of true JOY, I believe it's that moment that will define the meaning of my life.

But isn't joy temporary? I don't think so. In my life experiences with joy seem to be attached to some wonderful and lasting memory. I can remember the first moment I recorded a song, or won an award for something that I LOVE to do. These are moments etched in my heart as reminders of my essence and destiny. These are our battle honors, our ribbons so to speak. Joyful memories fill us with joy all over again every time we re-cap the memory! It's like a double-dose or a fresh portion of that moment. Joyful memories put me "in the moment" all over again and I can usually say "wow, I was really overjoyed by that".

I can count those moments, and I think if I tap into those moments of true joy, I will be directed to my calling. Now, don't get me wrong, I realize I'm painting a rosy picture here! The human mind is attacked by its context on a daily basis. We sometimes fall subject to depression and moments of disillusionment...but I believe, hope, and will seek to attempt to fill myself will those things that I hold dear, the passions that I discussed earlier...these are the things that will pull us out of those moments. Taping into your passions means that you're moving with the natural current of life and allowing wonderful results to come out of those struggles, and the PRODUCT of THAT struggle may bring you JOY in the end....something that you can look back on and be inspired and motivated by. I've written some of my best music in the midst of heartache or fear, and I've used those words to convey a message or a lesson to myself. The lyrics become a mantra of my escape from the context of my situation.

So in the end, after all is said and done, I'd like to focus on filling my life with true joy, operating amidst my essence and progressing toward my destiny. I believe that this pursuit of JOY rather than happiness will be more fruitful and serve a greater purpose along my path toward reconciliation with what the creator has poured into me to share with the world.


Peace and blessings as you move toward the pursuit of JOY and the exploration of your passions along your journey of life.


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