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Navigating Negativity: Check Yourself! --My Thoughts On Overcoming Our Operating Environment

Posted by Stephanie Fillyaw on August 15, 2011 at 10:20 PM

In my previous entry, I briefly mentioned that we are "attacked by our 'context' on a daily basis". As we travel on our respective journeys, we have to deal with our surroundings, the events, and static that we operate in. This "context" could be our work atmosphere, the energy projected by our peers, ANY activity that we live in and are exposed to on a daily basis...majority of which is out of our controls. 

With the aforementioned in mind, and spring-boarding off an idea briefly mentioned in my previous entry, I was inspired to ask a question, and was pleased to be provided with a few responses that motivated this late-night entry. With that said, allow me to que the sounds of Jill Scott and D'Angelo as I ponder the following:

Q: Energy is contagious. How do we overcome and conquer the emotional context of our jobs, circles and energy interactions?

Now, initially my answer to this question was that I simply needed to work "trick" my mind into BEING more positive regardless of what is going on around me, but after soliciting a few other conscious minds, I have attached another element to this idea- I need to be aware of the energy I am bringing to the table (thanks Q. Am I inputting positive energy into my interactions? Am I being as positive and as pleasant as I can, as often as I can?  These subsequent questions provoked an analysis of self..., and I came to this conclusion: I have a lot to work on (I'll come back to this).

Why is projecting positive energy essential? It’s important for inner growth and health. A positive state of mind has so many health benefits right? And wouldn’t the world be better if there was more positive than negative? It goes without saying. Well then, think about it: if negative energy is contagious, then shouldn't positive energy be contagious as well? Uh oh, equal and opposite reaction (a nod to Newton)! LOL Look, what I'm saying is, if we want to navigate this negative world we operate in, we must put out as much positive energy as possible in order to avoid succumbing to the snares of negative thoughts and actions that surround us.  Therefore, one may assume that if I BRING positive energy to the table, then I may be able to shift the negative energy of my "context". It’s almost the classic case of overcoming evil with massive good.

So allow me to revisit a point that I made earlier--I need to check myself FIRST when it comes to how I allow my "context" to affect me.  Let me clear some of this up by providing a little "context" (pun intended). 

Being a recent grad, currently on the job hunt, is NOT very "uplifting" and positive! I have good days and bad days and at times the weight of my operating reality is heavy and slightly depressing *shrug*. Sometimes I get lost in my thoughts, the "what if's", "if then's"...the worries.  I am beginning to understand that these perfectly natural thoughts are negative and unproductive! At times it gets to the point where my thoughts and body language are NOT matching. For instance, I may actually be having a very bad day, but continue to "troop on" for the sake of those around me. In short, my body language and actions are positive but my thoughts are far from it. My body is doing “the Charleston” or “the Macarena” while my mind is lost in a daze somewhere between Lord Voldermort’s lair and a labyrinth in the Underworld! LOL

With that said, the major lesson I have learned in this lesson concerning positive energy and falling victim to the negativity around you is that the battle strategy begins with YOU. I have to check myself and work hard to make sure that my THOUGHTS, actions and speech (this is important) mirror the positive energy that I seek to project. 

In conclusion, the trick to avoiding the reflection of your negative operating environment is to "be the change you seek" (nod to Gandhi). BE a positive force, not a negative one. Check your own energy that you are projecting, and in my case, make sure that your personal thoughts are positive and line up with your outer. Change begins within (nod to someone intelligent).

---I’m working on making this blog a more intimate reflection of ME, so I hope you all enjoy. My next blog entry may cover another topic that was thrown around tonight concerning authenticity and growth OR it may very well get political and discuss the Republican candidacy…we’ll see J

Peace above all, understanding *waves*

-Stephanie Musiqtruth



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Reply Hurikane El Swiss
11:48 PM on August 15, 2011 
You bring up an excellent point. Before you start working about all of the other things you can't control, check yourself first. Are you well, not just emotionally but physically, mentally and spiritually? I guess everything is probably related (your physically wellness could impact your emotional and spiritual and mental wellness). Are you full of positive energy? For some reason, I get the impression (and I could be wrong of course), that you think negative energy is always bad and should be completely avoided. Well I think it's better to look at negative energy as "experiences." All "experiences" should teach us a lesson right? WOW, I just graduated and I am also looking for a job and I feel EXACTLY the same way, lol.

"the battle strategy begins with YOU." = that's right!
When you are "at peace" with yourself people will gravitate to you and you will unintentionally send out rays of good energy so first we must take a look at ourselves.

check out my blog whenever you get a chance:
Reply Stephanie Fillyaw
12:04 AM on August 16, 2011 
Thanks for reading Hurikane! Your final sentence struck a chord with me. Radiating PEACE is a powerful thing that we should all strive to send out into the world. Positive love, peace, acceptance and patience with others on their respective journeys...these are important and positive things that we should adore ourselves with. These should be our "accessories", and I certainly want more goodness decorating me :)

And YES, you're right, my perception of negativity is such lol because it's only AFTER it that we can appreciate the experience for what it was. Give me a little time to distance myself from it a little before I look back and see the greatness that it has honed within me LOL

Thank you for your insight brother! I will certainly visit your blog as well.